“La fée verte”. French for “The Green Fairy” (a statement often times attributed to describing the alcoholic spirit known as Absinthe because of its pale green color), this delicious Dominican masterpiece is lightly infused with absinthe to add a slight twist to the normal flavors of a premium hand rolled cigar. Harkening back to the Roaring Twenties (and you know that The Big Six team LOVES that ERA!) by lightly infusing one of the filler leaves with Absinthe and adding touches of art deco designs to their label, Alpha Cigar takes us back to the 1920’s with images of Jay Gatsby puffing away on one of these cigars as he oversees one of his famous parties from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”.


  • Manufacturer Alpha Cigar Co.
  • Wrapper Connecticut
  • Binder Dominican
  • Filler Cuban Seed Piloto Cubano Dominican Grown
  • Size Robusto


What a cigar! The construction of the three cigars we reviewed for this publication were nearly flawless. Upon visual inspection, one cannot help but to be impressed with the amazing care and attention given to the manufacturing and hand rolling of these cigars. The team at Alpha does it right and attention to the finest details are an obvious focal point at the facility that rolls these beauties. With a perfect cap and a silky, yet slightly oily Connecticut (yes, this wrapper had slight oils, which, for a Connecticut, is very impressive) The Alpha Absinthe infused Connecticut is an immediate attention getter right out of the box! The only area where construction scores took the slightest of hits was that all three cigars had slight soft spots from the bunching of the long fillers. That being said, unlike most soft spots we experience in most cigars, these pockets had absolutely no impact on the quality of the burn.


Upon lighting this cigar, one cannot help but to be impressed with the wonderful, creamy volume of smoke that this cigar produces. The draw is effortless and the volume of smoke was essential in drawing both the flavors of the tobacco and the absinthe from the cigar. Only one of the cigars had an issue with an uneven burn but we are happy to report that this uneven burn corrected itself on its own. Only one of the cigars we reviewed had to be re lit after our mandatory five minute hold test (where we put the cigar down for five minutes without drawing from it). Overall, the burn and consistency was fantastic, no doubt a product of the superior quality of the construction of these hand rolled Dominican sticks.


Flavor is where this cigar really stood out. The Big Six team marveled at how the Alpha Cigar Company was able to take an already amazing Dominican tobacco blend and lightly enhancing the cigar with slight notes of the absinthe. Absinthe is an herbal and floral spirit derived of numerous herbs, spices and wormwood and no one flavor can be detected. As the light notes of absinthe and the delicious Dominican tobacco blends marry, a beautiful symphony of flavor intertwines to excite the palate with a cigar experience that is unique to only Alpha Cigar.

Taking us back to the halcyon days of the Roaring Twenties, Alpha cigar has delivered something truly unique. On its own with no infusion, this would get very high marks from The Big Six Team. By adding the light absinthe infusion to the cigar, Alpha Cigar has possibly created a new category in the world of premium cigars. In our view, they are the first premium infused cigar since many infused cigars do not have such a delicious, quality blend of tobacco that this stick possesses. This cigar will leave you dancing with the Green Fairy to tunes of light jazz while dreaming of days long since passed.

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