Want to feel like royalty? Then get crowned! The Crowned Heads Jericho Hill Willy Lee offers that wonderful Nicaraguan taste paired with a beautiful Mexican San Andres wrapper. It truly is one of Esteli, Nicaragua’s finest offerings.


  • Manufacturer Crowned Heads
  • Wrapper Mexican San Adres
  • Binder Nicaraguan
  • Filler Nicaraguan
  • Size Toro


Coming in a pleasant looking box press, the Jericho Hill Willy Lee is a well-constructed cigar. The Mexican San Andres wrapper is the highlight of the aesthetics and has a beautiful oily sheen. The cap and foot was solid on all three cigars that we reviewed and there were little to no defects. For a box press cigar, the Willy Lee is not too firm or over filled. — 5.58 Score


While the construction of the Willy Lee was close to top notch, the cigar surprisingly did not burn very evenly and needed a few corrections. This was present with all three cigars that we reviewed. The draw was very rich and creamy and a full mouthful of smoke could be produced with very little effort. That kind of draw is always appreciated when enjoying a box pressed cigar. – 5.4 Score


The flavor of this cigar is the real highlight here. In typical Nicaraguan fashion, the Willy Lee offers an immediate rush of deep earth and spice to the palate that mellows out after the first third. Sweet notes begin to creep in which balance the overall flavor. This is a delicious cigar. — 5.58 Score

Johnny Cash would be proud to have this cigar named after his song “Cocaine Blues”. Dressed in that gorgeous Mexican wrapper, this cigar embodies the Man in Black. The Big Six team thoroughly enjoyed the flavor and effortless draw of this oily box pressed stick. The only slight downside to the Willy Lee was the inconsistent burn. Pick one up today. You can’t beat the wonderful, full bodied tastes that this Nicaraguan production offers.