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Cigar Reviews

  • Alpha Cigar: Absinthe Infused Connecticut

    Alpha Cigar: Absinthe Infused Connecticut

    “La fée verte”. French for “The Green Fairy” (a statement often times attributed to describing the alcoholic spirit known as Absinthe because of its pale green color), this delicious Dominican masterpiece is lightly infused with absinthe to add a slight twist to the normal flavors of a premium hand rolled cigar. Harkening back to the Roaring Twenties (and you know that The Big Six team LOVES that ERA!) by lightly infusing one of the filler leaves with Absinthe and adding touches of art deco designs to their label, Alpha Cigar takes us back to the 1920’s with images of Jay Gatsby puffing away on one of these cigars as he oversees one of his famous parties from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”.

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  • Rocky Patel: Decade

    Rocky Patel: Decade

    As a statement making cigar commemorating Rocky Patel’s 10th year in the cigar industry, the Decade definitely stands out as a bold force to be reckoned with. With superior balance and complex flavors of espresso, slight cedar and spice, the Decade leaves an indelible mark on palate that is sure to please!

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  • Caldwell & Drew Estate: All Out Kings

    Caldwell & Drew Estate: All Out Kings

    All out - using all of one’s strength or resources. That’s what you get when Robert Caldwell of Caldwell Cigars teamed with Willy Herrera and Jonathan Drew of the famed Drew Estate Cigar house. This Cerberus of the cigar industry assaults the norm with a three headed monster of an attack that will leave you in awe of what these masters can come together to achieve.

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  • Aging Room: F55 Quattro

    Aging Room: F55 Quattro

    Proving that some things do improve with age, this cigar is a total silver fox! Aging Room F55 Quattro’s beautifully aged, Sumatran sharp dressed Dominican blend has aged like a fine wine, humming with sweet notes and subtle spice that are sure to please the palate of any cigar enthusiast.

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  • Crowned Heads Jericho Hill: Willy Lee

    Crowned Heads Jericho Hill: Willy Lee

    Want to feel like royalty? Then get crowned! The Crowned Heads Jericho Hill Willy Lee offers that wonderful Nicaraguan taste paired with a beautiful Mexican San Andres wrapper. It truly is one of Esteli, Nicaragua’s finest offerings.

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  • Caldwell: The King Is Dead

    Caldwell: The King Is Dead

    The King is Dead! Long live the King! Perhaps celebrating the ascension of Caldwell Cigars as a new, potential “monarch” in the premium cigar industry, The King is Dead is certainly constructed to make a statement!

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  • RoMa Craft: CroMagnon Fomorian

    RoMa Craft: CroMagnon Fomorian

    Are you interested in going green? No, not in energy! Go green with your next cigar! The RoMa Craft CroMagnon Fomorian is an amazing Connecticut Candela paired with RoMa Craft’s well known CroMagnon blend. If you are looking for a cigar to challenge your palate, pick up this stick and enjoy!

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  • Nat Sherman: Timeless 660

    Nat Sherman: Timeless 660

    What an impressive looking cigar! Interestingly, the Nat Sherman Timeless 660 smokes better than it looks. Coming in an impressive oily box press presentation, the Timeless 660 draws as smooth as any cigar on the market and delivers a perfect balance of Sweet Dominican and bold Nicaraguan fillers.

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  • JC Newman: Brick House Maduro

    JC Newman: Brick House Maduro

    What a value! Being only about $6 in a robusto vitola, the JC Newman Brickhouse Maduro had me singing the popular Commodores song “Brickhouse” all afternoon. Beautiful in construction with a girthy draw and bold, full flavored maduro filler blends, this cigar is the intersection of quality, price and flavor!

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  • CAO: Columbia Bogota

    CAO: Columbia Bogota

    The CAO Columbia Bogota got an overall rating of 5.8 on our Big Six scale and it was a well-deserved score. Balancing sweet, citrus notes with amazing construction, burn quality, mouth feel and smoke volume, this cigar was amazing from start to finish!

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  • Arturo Fuente: Gran Reserva

    Arturo Fuente: Gran Reserva

    With high hopes for such a well-known name in our industry, the Big Six team lumbered through our review of this particular cigar. While delivering an outstanding overall flavor, the construction of this cigar was a bit of a disappointment. That being said, for the price paid per cigar, it makes for a good holdover or filler for anyone’s humidor.

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