In this article we’ll explain our score system, how it works, and how we’ve condensed our comprehensive cigar reviews into a fantastic short read, so anyone can quickly answer the question…“Should I try this cigar?”

A Consistent Performance

Is every cigar experience the same? No. Infact, most cigar enthusiasts from the novice to the aficionado will admit that smoking the same cigar twice may lend to a slighty or drastically different experience. The one thing to appreciate is that every single hand-rolled cigar is unique; each as individualistic as you and me. However, this very notion could be bad for any cigar enthusiast who’s expecting a cigar to be the same every time.

To make sure our cigar reviews address this potential variation, the two partners and I pick the exact same cigar and conduct our own individual review. At the end we tally our scores and determine an average rating.

Score System

We’ve found that most cigar reviews are done on an overly elaborate 1-100 scale or five star rating; so we did things a bit different. Our score system is based on a 0-6 point scale from the downright terrible to the perfect cigar. Here’s how the scores break down:

Score Rating
0–3 Poor
3.1–5 Decent to Good
5.1–6 Great to Perfect


The cigar industry is a very tactile industry. You have to touch the cigar, smell it, analyze it. For anyone unfamiliar with a certain brand of cigar they see; the physical quality and presentation may be the only thing you have to go on when buying a cigar. So before we smoke any of our cigars, we take a look at its Construction. We broke this category down into three subcategories:

  • Wrapper & Filler: Is the cigar filler well packed? Is the wrapper well constructed? Did we feel any soft spots in the filler?
  • Oily: Is the cigar nice and oily? Or is it overly dry? Does it meet the expectations of its wrapper?
  • Damage: Is the cigar damaged in any way? Is the damage noticeably from the manufacturer?


Ideally, when you smoke a cigar the draw should be effortless, the burn on the tobacco should be even, and you should never have to relight it. So we broke the Burn down into these three subcategories:

  • Consistency: Does the cigar burn evenly throughout? Or does the cigar canoe at all?
  • Hold: Does the cigar stay lit? Can the cigar stay lit and sit unsmoked for several minutes? Or does it go out in only a few short moments?
  • Draw: How well does the cigar draw? Does it produce a nice, creamy smoke? Or did we find ourselves popping blood vessels in our eyeballs having to puff several times to get the cigar to even produce smoke?


Taste is probably the most difficult, but most fun category to rate at Big Six. Everyone has their own preference on what they like and don’t like. One person may say a cigar is great while the other dislikes it. What makes us unique in this case is all three of us like drastically different types of cigars! So how will our cigar ratings fair between the three of us? We’ll see, but here are the three subcategories for Taste:

  • Distinction: Does the cigar taste as the manufacturer described? Are the flavors distinguishable?
  • Likeness: Overall, did we like the cigar’s taste?
  • Balance: Is the cigar’s tobacco and flavors well balanced? If the cigar has infusions; does the flavor(s) overpower the flavor(s) of the tobacco? Is the flavor(s) of the tobacco of great quality and taste?

Final Analysis To Written Reviews

Once the scores are all tallied up, our team averages the scores, takes notes, and writes each review to become comprehensive, intuitive, but easily read in under two minutes. So if you follow our reviews online, you should a have a pretty good idea of what to expect the next time you pick up a cigar at your local tobacco shop. One thing’s for sure, while it’s our mission to offer everyone the very best cigar reviews around; reviewing cigars doesn’t even feel like work for us.

You can find our complete, two minute cigar reviews following your suggestions on social media right here. Be sure to follow us on social media found in the footer of our site. Happy smoking!