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Alpha Cigar: Absinthe Infused Connecticut

Alpha Cigar: Absinthe Infused Connecticut

“La fée verte”. French for “The Green Fairy” (a statement often times attributed to describing the alcoholic spirit known as Absinthe because of its pale green color), this delicious Dominican masterpiece is lightly infused with absinthe to add a slight twist to the normal flavors of a premium hand rolled cigar. Harkening back to the Roaring Twenties (and you know that The Big Six team LOVES that ERA!) by lightly infusing one of the filler leaves with Absinthe and adding touches of art deco designs to their label, Alpha Cigar takes us back to the 1920’s with images of Jay Gatsby puffing away on one of these cigars as he oversees one of his famous parties from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”.

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